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Enlightenment and the Practice
of Eternity Consciousness
by Mark C. Brown, PH.D.

For centuries, the achievement of an enlightened state of thinking and living has been seen as the royal road to release from the suffering that is natural to the human condition. What it means to be enlightened, however, has been hard to describe, much less attain.

This book presents the subject of enlightenment in a simple, approachable, readily usable form. Once you get it, you will find it relatively easy to think about and to apply in everyday life. And be assured that it will indeed lessen the angst you experience living in a world that is as difficult today as it has ever been.

Unique in the mind, body and spirit literature, this inspired work introduces a totally new explanation of where we come from, why we are here and where we are going, and provides a perspective on creation and the integral nature of everything in it that will change your way of looking at life forever. It is a practical guide that describes the personal journeys all of us have to make to find authentic serenity, offering release from troubling thoughts and emotions along the way. It is a thoroughly up-to-date blend of Eastern thought and Western psychology that clarifies what enlightenment is while demonstrating how to access and quiet the mind as never before.

Written for New Age and other progressive readers and enlightenment purists alike, it promotes inner peace and happiness without allusion to religious belief systems or the esoteric terminology usually associated with books of this kind. It is destined to become a spiritual growth classic and a book you will reread and savor.